DSC_0198It’s time to get ready for the 4th annual Cedar Rapids Mini Maker Faire, May 2, 2015, at the Science Center’s new location, 705 North Center Point Road, Hiawatha. Last year we had over 1,100 visitors with 50 indoor and outdoor exhibitors.

DSC_0400Maker Faire showcases the amazing work of all kinds and ages of makers—anyone who is embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience.

What are the characteristics we are looking for as Makers?

A do-it-yourself project that is unique, inspiring, engaging, and interactive with observers. It tells a story. It might be a piece of art… or a tool or project that does something different.   It should be something that hasn’t been seen before, or at least by few people.


Maker Faire events across the United States celebrate a DIY/homegrown invention movement. Whether it’s a home-built robot, a video game, a miniature race car, a novel or hand-made musical instrument, art, a sustainable micro garden or wearable electronics, Maker Faire showcases all that is creative and innovative in our community.


We need you and your creative, innovative projects to be a part of this exciting event!

Wondering whether or not you’re a Maker? If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes! We need you and your creative, innovative projects to be a part of this exciting event!

How do I Apply? How much does it cost? Can I sell my work?

Application is easy and it’s free to be an exhibitor and only $35 to sell your creations. Apply here!

Check out this blog post by Mark Reyland!


Photos from our 2014 Event!

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Thanks for a great event!

What an awesome day at the Center yesterday! The 3rd Annual Mini Maker Faire greeted 1100 visitors. We are so excited to open the space and bring more maker classes to the community. Thanks to our great speakers Mark Reyland and Jeff Freeland Nelson. The event would not be possible without all of our great sponsors. No words can express the sincere appreciation we have for the countless volunteers who helped to make the event a success and have worked so hard to bring the maker space together. And to all of you who attended and recognize the value of the maker movement, we thank you!

plaque entry

The Final Countdown!

Thanks to all of our great supporters for helping us make Maker Faire happen! Adams Tile and Stone, General Mills, Maggie’s Farms Pizza, Shuttleworth and Ingersoll, Rockwell Collins, Wells Fargo, University of Iowa Community Credit Union, and Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill. See you on the 19th!

maker fiare sign

To Do…get most recent Make magazines for the Faire….DONE!

Must be Maker Faire week here at the Center, our shipment of MAKE magazines just arrived. See you the 19th.

make magazine

The Latest Maker Faire Flyer

Here is the latest and greatest, see you Saturday!

Mini Maker Faire up dated 04052014

Lots of last minute prep for the big Faire day on the 19th! Thanks to all of our volunteers who have put in countless hours to make the space come together, and present the Maker Faire on the 19th!

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Maker Faire Schedule of Events


April 18, 2014
6:30PM  Mark Reyland   Functional Inventing

April 19, 2014
10:30-11:15 Jeff Freeland Nelson Play From Scratch—An Entrepreneur’s Story
10:30-11:00 John Krizan   Glass Blowing Demo
11:00-11:30 QC Co Lab    Tesla Coil Demo /Ruben’s Tube
11:00-11:30 Aaron Hartman  3D Printing Demo
11:30-12:00 John Krizan   Glass Blowing Demo
12:00-12:30 Aaron Hartman  3D Printing Demo

12:30-2:00  Jeff Freeland Nelson YOXO Robot Build
1:30-2:00  Aaron Hartman  3D Printing Demo
1:30-2:00  QC Co Lab   Tesla Coil Demo /Ruben’s Tube
2:30-3:30  Mark Reyland  An Inventors Spirit of Innovation
3:00-3:30  John Krizan   Glass Blowing Demo
3:30-4:00  Jim Jacobmeyer  Cardboard Bike Demo
3:30-4:00  Aaron Hartman  3D Printing Demo

We Love Americorps!

Maple One to save the day! Thanks to Americorps NCCC team Maple One who came together at the Center today to complete individual service hours (but they did it as a team, how cool). The team focused on helping us get last minute prep for the Maker Faire done by completing some needed project for the space! Thanks team.

ac team